Solar Eclips Process

The Great American Eclipse

Salem is in the direct path of a once in a lifetime solar eclipse. Many are bracing for the mass influx of visitors to our area as we head into the final week before this historic event. Hotels have been booked solid for nearly a year. Campgrounds have expanded and are expected to be filled to capacity. Many are even renting out their back yards and pasture lands to strangers. The population of Salem alone is expected to double during this period of time with as much as ten times the normal number of visitors at the Oregon cost.

News outlets and emergency services have advised us to stock up on food and first aid supplies and to limit travel as much as possible during this time. We are told to be prepared for gridlock and the possibility that emergency services may have difficulty getting to us. So please, be safe, stay put if you can, and if you have not already done so, please stock up today! We hope everyone will enjoy the experience with their family (using certified eye protection of course).

We will be closing our office on Monday and Tuesday (Aug 21 & 22) to help limit travel. Our staff will be working from their homes and should be able to assist you with most issues should they arise. Onsite support will be limited to business-critical emergencies only during this time. Any onsite response will be on a best effort basis and based on safety and road conditions.

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The Great American Eclipse

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