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Keeping ahead of Tech and Security with HaaS

The term “Cyber Crime” conjures up television and movie imagery of hoodie wearing criminals with glowing hexadecimal characters cackling in a dark basement somewhere. A quick Google search returns a flood of sinister stories and imagery to reinforce the danger. Unfortunately cyber criminals are spending every moment of every day figuring out how to break into the networks of some of the most sophisticated businesses. Those networks aren’t easy ones to hack, but they are incredibly lucrative to crooks. The data breach at Equifax alone resulted in personal records of 143 million Americans being compromised. There have been numerous high level breaches since 2013 – there really are big bucks in cybercrime.

As a result of all this there are even more criminals going after the networks of much smaller targets. They are targetting small businesses that wouldn’t typically think of themselves as a target for cybercrime. Small and medium sized businesses are less likely to have current software and hardware, IT staff, or even basic security measures in place – which is critical for a secure business IT environment. According to a Spiceworks survey in April 2017:

… 52% of businesses are still running some Windows XP devices, despite the OS reaching its end of support in April 2014. This means that more than half of all companies are running unsupported operating systems, which could put those corporate networks and data on them at risk.

While there are a lot of moving pieces and layers, the most practical and fundamental step is to ensure your organization is running updated hardware and software, and then keep it updated. It’s no secret, it is an investment to get everything in top running shape. However, it can be a lot more affordable if you rent the equipment or acquire it on monthly payments with a HaaS (hardware as a service) agreement. Working with a managed service provider can reduce the amount of time and effort needed to keep things patched and current.

With current technology and a technology road map from your IT provider, it’s easier to get to solid ground and stay there. Instead of scrambling with whatever extra dollars are left over for your IT budget every year, get on top of it and stay on top of it. With a 3-year Hardware as a Service agreement, for example, your systems are refreshed with the most up-to-date workstations and servers, every 3 years, without time consuming research and negotiating with vendors. With monthly payments, your cash flow is predictable, and you are able to refresh your technology consistently, before it becomes a liability. Drop us a line if you’re tired of piece-mealing your IT infrastructure, and are ready for hardware as a service.

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