The Pieces of Our Solution

All the pieces of our solution work together to create a complete ‘Solution Stack’ that is more powerful than the sum of its parts. Each individual piece contributes to securing your network and data, which protects your revenue. Unlike insurance, which only pays if you have a mishap, our proactive approach works to prevent problems – offering you an assured outcome.

Enterprise Foundation

Our clients benefit from our roots in the Enterprise IT world. We bring this mentality, discipline and organization to your small business. Business owners like you are busy enough juggling the day to day operations of your company, let alone trying to be a CIO and make informed IT decisions. Our managed customers enjoy standardized systems and solutions that are scalable, flexible and always up to date. You can lean on us to plan and implement the IT path for your particular business.

Proactive Maintenance and Updates

Today more than ever – continual system updates are a necessity to keep your computers secure, stable and free of intruders. We proactively review and test updates on an ongoing basis before deploying them on your network. Our active monitoring and maintenance of all the critical elements in your network eliminates downtime and protects your productivity and business continuity.

Comprehensive Backup and Recovery

Over the years, we have always invested heavily in backup and recovery because your business data and your ability to get work done is of paramount importance. Backup is your first, last, and best defense against everything from hardware and software failure to infection, accidental deletion, or any other form of disaster. Having your data backed up frequently throughout the day, keeping your backup files separated from the rest of the network, and replicating those backup files offsite automatically is critical to getting you back online quickly if something goes wrong. Ransomware can rapidly infect all the computers on your network quickly encrypting all your data (and in some cases even the onsite backups). Our solution assures rapid recovery and minimizes data loss to get you back on your feet right away.

Multi Layered Security

The rise of ransomware and advanced modern threats has made it abundantly clear that a layered approach to security is necessary to protect your business resources. We start with the perimeter, inspecting traffic and stopping malware at the firewall, before it enters your network. We employ enhanced mail filtering, to stop threats before they end up in your inbox. Your computers are kept safe with tested and proven security software and are constantly monitored against persistent threats. Our approach to everything from network policy to maintenance, backup, and security are designed to assure that your systems are always stable and always secure.

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